Where is the Petunia Festival located?

Although there are certain parts of the Festival scattered around the community of Dixon, a vast majority of the Festival is held on the Riverfront in downtown.  The carnival is held across the the bridge on Lincoln Statue Drive by Dixon High School. Other events have specifics of locations in their event description.


If I drive, where may I park?

There are multiple locations downtown for you to park. If you need handicap parking, and have proper identification, there is a parking lot on the corner of Hennepin Ave. and First St. See Map <Hyperlink>


Do I need a ticket for the Downtown Music Venue?

Yes.  Your ticket will be punched, or marked, each day upon admission. You will need to keep your one ticket for the entire Petunia Festival. For same day re-entry, you will be given a wristband that will allow you re-admittance to the Festival. For ticket info, visit our tickets page.

*Please note that July 5 is a family free day, no admission needed.


Entry Tickets for the Downtown Music Venue are needed:


Thursday, July 2

Friday, July 3

Saturday, July 4


Entry tickets for the Festival grounds and entertainment area are NOT needed:

Sunday, July 5

Do I have to pay to walk my kids through the carnival?

No. The carnival is nowhere near the Downtown Music Venue and, therefore, you do not need an entrance ticket to walk your kids through the carnival. Each ride does cost money and all tickets and wristbands for the carnival are to be purchased with the carnival. Pre-sale tickets are available at a discounted price before the start of the Festival. 


If I have to leave, may I come back in the Downtown Music Venue on the same day?  

Yes. You will receive an armband upon entry each day.


When is the parade? 

Sunday, July 5 at 1pm.

When are the fireworks?

Sunday, July 5 at 9:30 pm.


What kind of vendors do you have at the Petunia Festival?

The Dixon Petunia Festival does not have a vendor show at this time. If you are an artist, you may contact The Next Picture Show to talk about their art show. If you are a crafter, you may contact the Loveland Community House to inquire about their craft/vendor show. If you are a food vendor looking to join our downtown food vendors for next year, please send an email here.

How do I purchase food or drinks in the Festival grounds?

Food may be purchased from vendors using cash.  Drinks may be purchased using a ticket from our ticket booths. The tickets are then taken to our outdoor Festival bar to be used.  Tips at the Petunia Festival bar go directly to the organization serving you.


What if my child is lost?

Please locate a Petunia Festival board member, a volunteer at a ticket booth, or a police officer who can help with locating your child after you provide them with a detailed description of your child.  Hint: Take your child’s photo right before you enter the Festival.


I think I lost something at the Petunia Festival.  What should I do?

We may have some lost and found  items in our Festival office, but most items we turn over to the Dixon Police Department.  You can check with an entrance gate attendant or a Festival board member.


What should I bring to Petunia Festival?

  • Your ID if you are of age and wanting to consume adult beverages

  • Proper clothing, including shirts and shoes

  • Sunscreen

  • Sunglasses

  • Sweatshirt,  if you get cool after the sun goes down

  • Strollers for kids

  • Bag/Lawn chair if you’d like to sit down

  • Willingness to have fun


What should I NOT to bring to Petunia Festival ?

Anything that may create a safety hazard or interfere with other patrons enjoyment of Petunia Festival including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Coolers of any size

  • Backpacks (policy implemented by Police for public safety)

  • Pets. EXCEPTION- Service animals with documentation

  • Illicit drugs

  • Alcohol of any kind

  • Food or beverages of any kind. EXCEPTION- baby formula/food/milk

  • Weapons of any kind

  • Fire, including fire-breathing dragons

  • Tables

  • Glass containers

  • Bad attitudes


Please note that all bags could be subject to police search for everyone’s safety.


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