Board Members 2017


Dana Chacon

Jeff White
Second VP

Andrew Brockwell
VP - Operations

Rob Bates

VP - Operations

Jennifer Bubrick



Alison Boothe
First VP

Kim Hvarre
Past President

Jenna Dempsey
VP - Marketing

Carrie Widolff
VP - Finance



 Jenny Bumba
Deb Cleary
Mike Duerst

Nick Escobar
Jeni Ramsdell

Stacey Herrmann
Josh Herrmann
Dave Johnson
Tabitha Justice
Angie McNaughton

Sharri Miller
J Connor Self
Theresa Sholders
Bethany Wright
Stacey McCollough






The Dixon Petunia Festival would not be possible without the hard work and dedication of the volunteer Board of Directors, as well as the hundreds of individuals who donate their time during the course of the week’s festivities. Thank you to each and every volunteer for donating your time and enabling us to put on one of the best festivals in the area.

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